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Since 1987 the Behavioural Science Network has been organising low cost workshops to promote the Behavioural Sciences. In the past many therapists from other countries  have volunteered their time to conduct trainings for us More details here

In recent years there have been an explosion of therapeutic techniques and trainings. Making seeking help fairly confusing for the consumer.

We have set up this website to make it easier for the consumer to access appropriately qualified counselors and mental health professionals across the country.

Towards this aim we are starting a Directory for Professionals, with the requisite background professional degrees, whose credentials we have confirmed.

In addition we hope to publish  article by members and other professionals on this site. A) Articles to educate the consumer about disorders and how they can benefit for self help or professional therapy. B) Article or papers  of interest to therapists.

We will be linking to some training materials  available online in the resources section. Certain professional  audio and video workshops and training videos can only be accessed b members

To avoid duplication with other professional online discussion groups we will restrict our-selves to clinical issues and case discussions and free online trainings.

Further information about our memberships which is free:  in the Members section here

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If you have any suggestions or queries Please Contact Dr Dayal Mirchandani here http://drmirchandani.in

Info on Mindfulness Training at http://psymind.in